Love You Overload

Music and Lyrics by Dave Walley
To Rachel, in honor of 10 years of friendship

Well, they told me I should carefully watch over my heart,
And I listened to what they said.
So I vowed that I would take it slow when love came along,
And never get in over my head.

And it seemed the plan was working, 'cause I stayed in command
When I'd feel those feelings start.
But then today I met you, and I tried not to let you,
But somehow you took over my heart.

And though I tried to hold on with all my might,
Before I'd even started I had lost the fight.
You've broken my resistance, cracked the code.
I've lost all control.

I'm going into love you overload.
I love you so much that it's overwhelming me.
I'm in love you overload.
You're all I can think about, all I hear and see.
I've been rendered helpless, but it feels so good
That there's nothing I'd rather do
Than spend the rest of my life overloaded with love for you.

Now it's two years later, and you'd think that by now
These emotions would be controlled,
'Cause they told me the passion you can feel when you're young
Starts fading long before you get old.

So when I'm going to see you, I think, 'Maybe this time
What I feel won't be so strong.'
But when you walk up to me, my love starts flowing through me
Exactly as it has along.

That overwhelming feeling is back once more.
If anything it's stronger than it's been before.
Like every other trip I've taken down this road,
The end is the same:

I'm right back into love you overload.
I'm fully engulfed and there's nothing I can do.
I'm in love you overload.
It's like the whole universe is just me and you.
I'm as lost as ever, but I don't want change.
I am willing to see this through,
And spend the rest of my life overloaded with love for you.

And as the years continue our love will too.
No matter what may happen it will stay like new.
So when our hair is graying and our steps have slowed,
I'll still be with you,

Still going into love you overload.
The future's unsure, but you'll always know one thing:
Me in love you overload,
Through all of our lives and whatever life may bring.

And when our lives have ended and we're with the Lord,
I am certain that I will be
Overloaded with love for you
For all eternity.

I'm in love you overload,
Love you overload,
I'm in love you overload,
Love you overload,
I'm in love you overload!

©2011 by Dave Walley